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    Welcome to #AllPsychologists... Let's stick together to watch out for news that will effect us so that we can advocate and make our voices heard when we must. On some issues our national organization may seem to be against us at the moment, but none of us needs to be alone and on our own. We're here because we believe our professional associations should defend All Psychologists.

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    A welcome note from Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.

    PSYCHOLOGISTS: Was your internship NOT APA-accredited? You're not alone. There are lots of us (and more every year due to the internship crisis). However, it's clear that there is no organization out there that is committed to protecting our rights and defending our scope of practice specifically in relation to this issue. This is clear given recent proposals like requiring an APA-accredited internship for state licensure and APA tacitly endorsing non-evidenced based practices in employment selection. If we're going to defend our future (and the future for our families) we must do it together. That's why it's time for us to start reaching out to each other and start organizing. Psychologists who believe that APA should represent "all psychologists" and not just those with APA-accredited internships should connect with us. Psychologists that believe that employers should consider the individual qualifications of "all psychologists" and not just the individual qualifications of those who had APA-accredited internships should connect with us. You are invited to join up for free. There is currently no official association or 501-anything behind the name, just a group where people who didn't have APA-accredited internships can come together for free to keep each other informed about issues relevant to them and to talk about advocacy. What are some of the things we can do together in the future? By working together we can impact the elections of our professional associations to ensure that people sympathetic to our needs are in positions to prevent problems or act on them quickly when the need arises. We can monitor for and act against proposals which limit our scope of practice-- such as employers, insurance companies and licensing boards requiring APA-accredited internships. We can hold email and call-in days and include the hashtag #AllPsychologists on Twitter and in our email signature when posting to professional listservs ...and together we can find more ways of defending our future and the future for our families.

    It shouldn't be so hard to make a living while doing something you love that helps others. I know what it's like to struggle under large student loans. I know what it's like to try to comprehend sometimes incomprehensible insurance company practices. I know what it's like to swim in the flushing spiral of ever-shrinking insurance reimbursements. I also know what it's like to be denied even the opportunity to apply for a job at some of our largest employers simply because there wasn't enough APA-accredited internships to go around. I have been a psychologist for ten years and have personally experienced the internship crisis and what it's like to try to run a business under these conditions. I know what it's like.

    Last year I personally stood before the APA Council of Representatives and urged them to pass a resolution that internships that are "APA-equivalent" are equal to APA internships and produce competent professionals. I am like you. I do not embrace tired traditions or bureaucratic, non-evidence based policies. I believe APA's practices, policies and positions should be based on sound science, not self-serving hypotheticals like assuming professionals without an APA-accredited internship are not competent.

    APA should not be given a monopoly over internships. I oppose the recent proposal to require an APA-accredited internship for licensure as a psychologist. It's not evidence-based, actually decreases licensure mobility and is a slippery-slope to insurance companies using this as a requirement for panel membership.

    Also, those employers who require all applicants to have an APA-accredited internship should immediately and unequivocally cease and desist before legal action occurs. It's not a validated criterion for employment selection. It also may have an unfair, negative impact on workplace diversity. #AllPsychologists will also defend the diverse groups, including older adults, who may be penalized by this unsupported requirement. Join us. We are to defend the future of all psychologists who didn't have APA-accredited internships. Unfortunately, our professionals associations have failed to adequately keep enough data to even monitor the impact of requiring APA-accredited internships on workplace diversity.