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Let's change how APA talks about psychologists who didn't have APA-accredited internships and let's dramatically reduce the number of employers who require an APA-accredited internship just to apply for a job.

Thanks CMS!

CMS's response to comments from the National Register-- see pg. 64609 of the Federal Register/ vol. 78. no. 209, 10/29/13.
CMS said "However, we do not have any data indicating that clinical psychologists graduating from non- accredited programs reduces the level of quality care provided to clients served. Without formal evidence, modifying the psychologist personnel requirement in the CoPs would create a discrepancy between the conditions of participation and the payment policy requirements at Sec. 410.71(d)."

It is interesting to note that some Federal Agencies, including the VA, are at odds with this definition of qualifications of Clinical Psychologists in the Code of Federal Regulations under Medicare:

We'll defend ALL Psychologists

  • We should be able to practice to the full extent of our licensure- we are equal to other licensed psychologists
  • We shouldn't be barred from employment based on our internship-- our individual qualifications should be considered
  • APA internships shouldn't be required for licensure-- it is not an evidence based criterion
  • Our interns & internship sites shouldn't be defamed by an organization that purports to support them

    Psychologists who believe that APA should represent "all psychologists" and not just those with APA-accredited internships should connect with us. Psychologists that believe that employers should consider the individual qualifications of "all psychologists" and not just the individual qualifications of those who had APA-accredited internships should connect with us.

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